TV4 and C More commission three new seasons of Solsidan

Solsidan is TV4’s most successful comedy series ever. TV4 and C More have commissioned three new seasons of Solsidan, which means that the popular series will live on.

TV4 and C More are commissioning three new seasons of Solsidan (The Sunny Side), the comedy series that took Sweden by storm when it was first broadcast in 2010. The subsequent five seasons and a feature film have been a fabulous success, and the most popular comedy series that TV4 has ever made.

“We are enormously proud and pleased to be able to announce that Solsidan will be back with three new seasons in the coming years. As early as next year we will be able to revisit our favourite characters in ten new episodes, and I am certain I am not the only one excited about being able to return to life in Solsidan,” says Fredrik Arefalk, Head of Channel at TV4 and C More Films & Series.

Solsidan is a co-production between TV4, FLX and Jarowskij, and the creative work on the scripts has just begun.

“Solsidan, which is unique in its genre, has succeeded through a dream mix. It combines important and serious subjects while managing the art of being incredibly funny. I love that Solsidan has worked as a kind of laughter therapy for Swedish people – and it feels an amazing privilege that we will now continue to offer it for several more years,” says Josefine Tengblad, Head of Drama at TV4 and C More.

The scriptwriters for Season 6 are Moa Herngren, Tove Eriksen Hillbom, Niclas Carlsson and Jacob Seth Fransson. Emma Bucht, Hasse Ingemansson and Eddie Åhgren will direct, as will two of the leading cast members – Josephine Bornebusch and Johan Rheborg – who will each direct two episodes.

All the leading cast members – Felix Herngren, Mia Skäringer, Johan Rheborg, Josephine Bornebusch, Henrik Dorsin and Malin Cederbladh – will return to Solsidan for the Season 6 premiere.

“We couldn’t resist! Getting to make new Solsidan episodes alongside this hugely talented gang is so exciting and fun that we just had to. For three seasons too! It’s completely crazy,” says Felix Herngren.

“I miss Alex’s dish-towel shirts, his wimpishness and his never-ending troubles. And I miss Mickan’s simple view of the world. It will be lovely to return to the whole Solsidan family,” says Mia Skäringer.

“Solsidan really has been an amazing journey. I am proud and delighted to have been a part of it, and now getting to make three more seasons feels like a bit of a bonus. It will be great to meet everyone and start to have fun together again,” says Johan Rheborg.

“It will be fun to let Mickan back into my life! I love making Solsidan. It’s a completely unique project. I remember the first time I read the script for season one, and sat down and laughed out loud, by myself. That doesn’t happen very often, I have to say, and I felt straight away that this could be something special. So it feels excellent that we are making three more seasons,” says Josephine Bornebusch.

“I thought about it for a long time when I was asked. A really long time. In the end I decided: Yes, the refreshments table at the filming of Solsidan is so damn good that I just couldn’t turn it down. I’m really looking forward to the cinnamon buns. For three seasons. This will be fantastic!” says Henrik Dorsin.

“Returning to Solsidan is like coming home to your family, and also like taking a roller coaster ride. Close your eyes, it’s pulling away, there are butterflies in your stomach, it’s climbing. Suddenly your mouth is wide open and there is lots of noise. From your own mouth. Expectation, astonishment, and lots and lots of fun. Then getting to see Anette’s wardrobe again, which is an orgy of beige and lilac. Heaven!” says Malin Cederbladh.

Solsidan Season 6 will premiere in late 2019. Solsidan is a co-production between TV4 and C More, FLX and Jarowskij. Emma Nyberg is the producer of Solsidan. The Executive Producer at TV4 and C More is Clara Herngren.

Viewing figures for previous seasons of Solsidan, linear on TV4
This data is an average for all season episodes in the target age range 3-99, and is provided by MMS

Season 1, 2010: 1,517,000. The most watched episode had 1,840,000 viewers

Season 2, 2011: 2,317,000. The most watched episode had 2,589,000 viewers

Season 3, 2012: 1,978,000. The most watched episode had 2,101,000 viewers

Season 4, 2013: 1,647,000. The most watched episode had 1,887,000 viewers

Season 5, 2015: 1,699,000. The most watched episode had 2,134,000 viewers


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