C More and TV4 commission new crime series Bäckström starring award-winning Kjell Bergqvist

Multiple Guldbagge Award winner and Kristallen winner Kjell Bergqvist will head up C More’s and TV4’s new crime drama series Bäckström . The series is based on the books by novelist and professor in criminology Leif GW Persson about the hardened Detective Chief Inspector Evert Bäckström.

Bäckström is a new original series in six parts from Nordic broadcasters C More and TV4 and will premiere in 2020. The series is based on Leif GW Persson’s novel Can You Die Twice? and parts of He Who Kills the Dragon.

The series, which began filming in Gothenburg last week, revolves around the nationally famous murder detective Evert Bäckström, who can boast of having solved 99 percent of all the cases he has taken on. But when a skull pierced with bullet holes is found on an uninhabited island in the archipelago, Evert Bäckström is faced with a more troubling mystery than even he could have imagined.

It has now been confirmed that Kjell Bergqvist (Spring Tide, The Grave, 30⁰ in February) will portray the character of Evert Bäckström.

“Bäckström is a corrupt and completely unscrupulous man who doesn’t give a damn about what everyone else thinks - including his bosses. He is utterly unbearable as a friend and colleague. He is lazy and often sneaks away from work to go the pub and overindulge in food and drink,” says Kjell Bergqvist, adding, “He is shrewd, untouchable and indispensable to humankind, or so he thinks. Quite simply, a rather lousy self-image. It will be great fun bringing Bäckström to life on the screen.”

Kjell Bergqvist won the Guldbagge Award for Best Male Lead in 2001 with A Summer Tale (2000) and again in 2010 with The Wedding Photographer (2009). In 2016, he won the Kristallen award for Male Actor of the Year with his portrayal of Tom Stilton in Spring Tide (2016).

Leif GW Persson met with Kjell Bergqvist ahead of filming and is looking forward to seeing his portrayal of the wayward chief inspector that GW created in his novels.

“Kjell is an excellent choice for playing Evert Bäckström. Bäckström is something of a special character and I am confident that Kjell has the ability to portray him in a very credible way. It will be exciting to see how Bäckström turns out on TV in a Swedish incarnation,” says Leif GW Persson.

Ulf Synnerholm, Head of Production at C More’s and TV4’s drama department, says that Bäckström is a major new venture into the crime genre for the channels.

“With Bäckström, we are taking a proud new leap into the genre that C More and TV4 are, I can promise, best in class at – a locally anchored crime series with broad appeal and high production value. Kjell Bergqvist could have been made for the title role, and we look forward to Bäckström appealing to viewers with his disgracefulness,” says Ulf Synnerholm.

Jonathan Sjöberg (Hidden: First Born, Black Lake) is the lead scriptwriter and conceptual director for Bäckström:

“We want to create an exciting, fun and gripping series. Because it will turn out that, behind the disgracefulness of Bäckström, there are also other, unseen, sides,” says Jonathan Sjöberg.

Amanda Adolfsson, who has previously directed Eagles, is the second director of Bäckström.

Bäckström is produced by Yellowbird for C More and TV4 in co-production with ARD Degeto and Film i Väst. Niva Westlin Dahl is the executive producer for the project at C More and TV4. Georgie Mathew is the producer for Bäckström at Yellowbird. Banijay Rights manages the international distribution.

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